Branch on condition

Hi All

I need to do some mappings when the input is not equal to 0-100.
Can any of you please let me know what is the expression i need to use?

Thank You!

branch on Did i really try to find a solution ( evaluation labels -false)
– true
— result found !


Set lables to true and use the expression

That will not work. The brackets are used to define a set of characters to match (or with the ^ prefix indicate non-match characters). It will not evaluate a range of numeric values.

Also, using regular expressions in a label does not require to set “Evaluate labels” on the BRANCH step to true.

Hi All

Thank You for the replies. This expression [^0-100] did nto work.

I used the below expression in branch %input%>0 && %input%<100 and a default step below it to take care of the mappings when the input is not equal to 0-100


thanks Remon I didn’t try on it…i thought that it wil work…