Branch expression question

Hi all,

I am quite new to the webMethods product.

I have a question regarding BRANCH expressions.

It is possible to create Xpath like conditions like:

  1. Check existence of a node depending on text value in sub-node or other relative axis, e.g. /mydoc/child[value=“foo”] != $null

  2. Check existence of any node (at least one) having the specified text content, independent of the position within a list, e.g.

/order/itemList/item/productName = “Sony PSP”

whereas “item” is a record, that might occur a couple of times.

According to the documentation both scenarios are not supported.

If you know about some workarounds or best practices, just let me know.

Best regards,

Hi Peter,
Yeah, I am afraid, we cannot directly achieve the scenarios u have specified.

For first case you can use 2 branch stmts , one inside the other one. If first condition is true u can check the 2nd one.

2nd one, I dont think i understand what you are trying to achieve.