BPM transition Trigger is not working

BPM Transition trigger is not subscribing document and not invoking service.But UM message count publish and consumer both are same.
Same transition trigger is present in UM as well.But still Transition trigger is not invoking trigger service

Hi Rekha,

please provide some more informations, like wM version.
Are there any messages in the IS server.log?

Did you try to stop and restart the IS as this sometimes solves issues where the Trigger Thread in IS JVM went into a blocked state?
Please take some Thread Dumps of the JVM and analyse them fi there are any blocked threads.



There is known incident about this.

Check if the connection factory “local_um” is SHARED.

Check if the durable subscription properties for that topic is marked as “is shared”.

You may need to delete topic+reload WmPRT until the properties are corrected.

Also check no other subscriptions on that topic exist and are consuming the events.

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