BPM tools Webmethods

How many of you have worked with BPM tools and integrated wM with them?

The wM tool works well if wM is the centre of the universe.

Getting those wME blues Vishal? :wink:

I think you’ll find most BPM tools like to think of themselves as the COTU, especially those with workflow components.

Is there something specific that you’re concerned about or running into?


The issue is that with the plethora of applications, we really need a solid BPM tool here.

Especially with workflow that may not be a part of wM.

The wM BPM works well with wME. If you use wME as your integration and data/event bus, such that your BPM will interoperate with your apps and DBs through wME, then it would be difficult to do better than BPM. You will get a bigger win going forward with the new webMethods Manager product (see press release on the www.webmethods.com site, 9/23).

As for workflow, which is integrating people into the processes, you will have to evaluate the current and coming products to make sure webMethods satisfies your requirements. Do talk to the sales folk … this is a relatively new area and thus likely to be getting more effort for new features.

Good luck with your project.