BPEL limitations, addressed by choreography using WS-CDL

Support for the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) standard in process management software is a box on everyone’s RFP checklist. But this article points out several of the limitations of BPEL that are slated to be addressed by, you guessed it, another new standard Web Services Choreography Description Language (WS-CDL).

webMethods Modeler is able to import and export BPEL process descriptions, but many advanced features in Modeler are not supported in BPEL.


Burton: beyond BPEL orchestration, SOA needs choreography

I read this news from this link: http://www.column2.com/2008/11/innovation-world-susan-ganeshan-on-webmethods-product-roadmap/

In this news they saying that wM8.0 will support BPEL under ESB layer. What about BPM layer?

Any chance wM7.x support BPEL?, I reviewed designer 7.2 doc but I didn’t get any clear information about BPM and BPEL support.

Please share if you know anything about this! Thanks