Which version support BPEL

Any one know about webMethods support BPEL? If yes please let me know which version?

One month ago I had a presentation of WebMethods 8 in my company and they said that this version is supporting BPEL.
I don’t know if previous versions have this functionnality.

Thanks for your reply. Even I read this news from this link: http://www.column2.com/2008/11/innovation-world-susan-ganeshan-on-webmethods-product-roadmap/

But I want to know any other version will support, If anyone using this BPEL? Please share with us. Thanks

I’ve seen this earlier on Advantage : https://advantage.webmethods.com/advantage?targChanId=kb_home&oid=1614327311

We will have BPEL in our 8.0 ESB offering which will support WS-BPEL 2.0.Pls find the attached Excel sheet for more information 

maybe it supports it actually but partially, but I don’t know more :happy:

In your news they say it will be supported in 8.0.