Box Connector not working Integration / Box Connector used and Latest version level:

*Now able to see folder / files using Box connector *

Created app on Box account and trying to setup Box Connector in wM.IO integration using client id/secret from app.
It gives error that invalid enterprise subject id while creating the connector.
I am able to access to Box files/folders using Box API with access token generated with client id/secret of Box App.

The box_subject_typoe’ is unauthorized for this client_id* Screen shots attached:*



Development sandbox instance* instance?*

If the error message is unauthorized, then that message is probably right. Please make sure you are not copying any extra characters to your token before you paste. Try pasting it to notepad or something before you paste it to text box. If everything look good, double check the token permissions. may require more permissions then postman. You can try giving full permissions first and decrease it later.

Hope this helps.

You may close this ticket

We have configured the connector to receive box event.



This platform is not SAG Empower, it is just a forum and it is supported by community, there are no tickets to close here. Just clarifying in case there may be some false expectations in the future. You can mark an entry as answer, that’s it.

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