BOM in Siebel message via web service

Hi All,

Webmethod invokes siebel webservice to pull data, and the data which comes out of siebel has a BOM (Byte Order Mark) on it. This results in junk characters received on webMethods end. Is there a way to handle BOM in the incoming message to webMethods?

You help is much appreciated!


We are facing the exact same issue, and it seems its a Siebel product defect that it attaches a BOM character if the EAI http response is greater than 51kb.
The issue is still open and is being worked on by Siebel.
However the workaround we implemented was that we exposed a webMethods flow service as a webservice to Siebel through which it dumps the xml into webMethods.
This is because Siebel initiates the integration in our scenario.
Earlier, Siebel used to send just the primary key through this webservice and webMethods in return would query for the entire object using a Siebel webservice, but we found as the response would become greater than 51 kb, it caused the BOM issue and we ended up getting junk data.
Let me know if this helps