bINb Statements with wM 61 JDBC


I’m converting some IS 4.6 WMDB services to 6.1 JDBC for DB2. Unfortunately the WMDB SQL Statements used an IN clause to specify multiple dynamic selection criteria for one field in the table. It appears to me that I cannot replicate the IN statement in JDBC. Does anyone please, please, please have any ideas?

Also - does anyone know what th ‘IS’ statement is used for?




Try to use the JDBCAdapter CustomSQL template and it will accept IN clauses when you specify in{1,2,3,)etc…this custom template is similar to the WMDB execSQL service of dbSQL input.


The question is not quite clear. How much support do you expect from JDBC for an IN predicate (it’s not a clause in SQL terms)?
You can use it in any of JDBC statements and have its values parameterized just like for any other predicate (others would be =, contains, between, etc.).
You can not parameterize variable number of elements for an IN predicate in JDBC.
For wm that means your most likely choice is Dynamic SQL template.

The ‘IS’ is another type of predicate used in a WHERE clause.
It’s used for checking for NULL values only. The reason is NULL value logic can’t be handled adequately with = or != predicates.

Greg Kanevsky