Best prcatice to handle files in an Workflow.

Hi Guys,

I’m fairly new with the webMethods workflow development and I looking for a best practice to handle files in a Workflow.

Thats the Issue:
In an workflow a user can attach one or more files an can add one or more approver to review this files in a task.

What is the best way to handle this files? Inside an at runtime generated folder on MWS with permissions for all approvers? Or extern in a database, or in the Filesystem of the MWS?

I’m looking forward for your answers.


Hi Mario,

We have two methods that we have found that suit us.

  1. One, we store the files at a shared external locatin, to which not just webMethods, but different applications have access. We just pass the file path through the workflow pipeline and read the file acordingly.
  2. We also have a File respository, IBM Filenet, and once the files are uploaded to Filenet, then we add the unique file id in the pipeline and we carry it across the workflow. May be you can store in database. And then we use APIs to fetch and read the file contents.

Really, it is more what suits your setup/environment.

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil