Best practices when submitting your Cumulocity IoT feature idea with Aha!

Software AG Product Managers and other team members primarily use Aha! to collaborate and coordinate the development of new product features.

When submitting a product idea, it is better to answer Why not What or How

It is generally more effective to focus on the “why” behind a product feature idea rather than just the “what” and “how.”. This is because understanding the motivation behind an idea can help to inform the development process and ensure that the product is aligned with the needs and goals of the users.

For example, rather than simply describing what the feature does and how it works, it can be more effective to explain why this feature is needed and how it will solve a particular problem or address a specific need. This helps the Product Manager to create a clear vision for the product and ensure that Software AG team designs and develops it in a way that meets the needs of the target audience.

In summary, answering the “why” behind a product idea can help to provide context and meaning, and can ultimately lead to a more successful and impactful product.

Do not expect that all features will be implemented

It is important to understand that not all features or ideas will necessarily be implemented in the product. There are often constraints on resources, time, and budget that can impact which ideas will be picked up.

Ultimately, the product team makes decisions about which features to implement based on a variety of factors, including the overall strategy of the product. However, Software AG Product Managers strive to create the best value proposition with Cumulocity IoT and consider Aha! an important communication channel with the users.