Best practice for XML large data handling

Hi Experts,

Q1. Could you please suggest optimized approach to handle an XML file containing large amount of data?

Approach 1:

pub.xml:loadXMLNode or pub.xml:loadEnhancedXMLNode


Approach 2:

pub.xml: xmlStringToXMLNode or pub.xml: xmlStringToEnhancedXMLNode

pub.xml: xmlNodeToDocument

Approach 3: Any approach suggested by any of the tech community experts.

Q2. Can you please elaborate the implication of the term “ENHANCED” in xmlNode named services?

Thanks in advance, would really appreciate a sooner reply.

Hi Udish,

this information can be found in IS Built-In-Services Reference.

Depending on what you plan to use the xml structure for after loading it you will have to transform into the correct variant.