Best Approach to Create Case and Related Objects from a Web Service Call?

We have an application that needs to access data in another application to initiate a case.

We will be writing a web service to retrieve the data from the other application.

We will be calling the web service from within the AgileApps application. The data returned from the web service will be one or more individual records of about 10 data elements each.

We then need to create a “parent” case, and associate each individual with the “parent case”.

So for example, if the web service returns 3 individual records, we will create a “parent” case which has 3 related individual records.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to approach this situation?


Is there any difference between the parent and child records.

In our environment, we have a record than can have other records associated with it. Lets call them, Customer and Payments.

A customer can have multiple payments, and a payment can only have one customer.

For this we set up two objects, called customer and payments. We then set up a lookup field in the payments object.

Our developer used the info on this page to help with his integration work with another one of our applications;

Thank you Arron.

Based on your suggestion, as well as some feedback from AgileApps staff, we are taking a slightly different approach.

Rather than write a web service that AgileApps calls, we are going to write the business logic in a middle ware solution that will retrieve the data from the other database, and then create the parent/child records in AgileApps using the REST API. This will include the composite objects capability.