Basic Authentication with Apache and Tamino

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Is it possible to use Basic Authentication with an Apache Web Server and the Java API?

How does the URL for the Tamino Client has to look like?
Something like this??


String collection = “http://”+tamino_login+":"+tamino_pass+"@"+tamino_server+"/tamino/"+tamino_db+"/"+tamino_collection;


Volker Bachmann

Volker Bachmann
has program service AG

In the API you don’t specify the user id and password via the base URL- though it might work.

there are a couple of interanl properties of the TaminoClient object for the user id and the password-you can set them with the method setHTTPuser

void setHTTPuser(java.lang.String userID, java.lang.String password)
Set HTTP user ID and password.

This is used in Basic Authentication.
If it desn’t work tell us.
If setting the security info in the URL works
tell us too .-).

I’ve used this URL technique with FTP but I didn’t know you could do it with http

Hello Nigel,

thanks for your hint!
It works via the Java API only with the “setHTTPuser” function.

In a Browser URL the noticed URL works.

Thanks again,
Volker Bachmann
has program service AG

Volker Bachmann
has program service AG