Bank example Flow Service (SOAP based)

Hi Team,

I am newbie in SAG webmethod (version 9.9) and would like to develop/build a new flow service in the integration server for one of bank use case. We will develop this web service and act as a provider to other integration server to consume this service.

Below is the use case scenario :-
Bank1 BankID01 CustomerName Account Number
Bank2 BankID02 CustomerName Account Number
Bank2 BankID03 CustomerName Account Number

Note :- Do not have any reference of WSDL, XSDs etc. Looking your help to develop/build this service in the integration server.
Need your help to develop a new flow service without any existing XSD and WSDL references.

Please share your valuable inputs.



Can anyone please share the step by step need to follow to develop this web service…


Hi Manooj,

There are 2 possibilities of doing what you want:

  1. Contract-First: i.e you define your WSDL and associated XSDs and create the webMethods artefacts based on them
  2. Contract-Last: i.e you create your Flow service and create the Provider “from” that flow service

You will find valuable information in 9.9_Service_Develpment_Help.pdf (around page 700). I am using 9.8 so I assume that not much has changed in the docs.

Best regards,
Vlad Turian