Bad message in UM queue

I have problem with bad message in UM queue which blocks receiving next messages.
Is it possible to set the maximum number attempts by the consumer after which bad message is automatically move to dead event queue?
How configure it on UM?
I don’t want to use TTL for this case.

Thanks for advice.

AFAIK, there is no out of the box feature to move the messages to a “dead event queue” for interface level errors after certain retries. If you are doing this in webMethods IS, you can control the number of retries on the trigger properties and use throw exception in the subscription service until the max retry setting is reached. If you are using any third party software, you can use the Java/.NET UM API to do the retry and after the max retry number is reached…

If i were to implement it, i would create a global error queue and then at all the subscription services level catch block I would do a send of the original message to this global error queue along with an interface identifier as an attribute to the message. This should satisfy your need for a Dead event queue. The adding of the interface identifier is to make sure you can reprocess the message based on a filter for interface ID when the original message is fixed in the dead letter queue and ready for processing. This is just an optional thing.