Backup Natural - Lib. System

I created some programs in the library SYSTEM in Natural.

which folders I need to take my copy programs from one machine to another?

Natural Community - 6.3.9 - Windows 7 Professional.

The best way of doing this is by using the object handler in Natural (Tools - Development tools - Object handler). With this you can create an archive containing the programs you want to copy. On the other machine you use the same object handler again to import the archive. Just copying the programs using windows explorer is generally not a good idea.


Adding to what Ronald said:

Copying at the file system level is not a good idea as Natural keeps an index within the file structure,
so IF you copy from one machine to another, don’t copy individual modules, copy the entire library as
that then includes Natural’s control information.

BUT, there’s another way, Natural supports drag-and-drop from / to the Windows explorer, so don’t
copy from the file system yourself, drag objects out of Natural’s library tree on one system, and drop
it back into Natural on the other system.

Hi Wolfgang;

I am about to try something. Will report here either way.
I use Dropbox, which is a cloud facility. My guess is I could drag a program to the dropbox on my desktop; then drag it from the dropbox on my laptop into a library there.

It seems it should work.


Shazam. It works.

Does anyone know if Dropbox has a mainframe capability?

If no one reports today, I will spend some time investigating.


Well, as Dropbox basically shares / presents a file system “folder” I don’t see why it wouldn’t work :wink:

Mainframe - not that Im aware of, and I’m not sure what you’d like to “share” there,
the file system structure is totally different, and a lot of stuff (like Natural sources)
are in a database anyway, so …

thanks for all.

I will try object handler in Natural (Tools - Development tools - Object handler).

Hi Wolfgang,

Neither do I, however, it just never occurred to me to use the dropbox for this.

With re the mainframe, hopefully the developers are reading this.

Suppose I could (not ascertained this yet) use Dropbox to take a .NSP source program from a PC to a mainframe.
I could envision some sort of “import” command. The PC file would basically be run through a sysobjh process to create the equivalent
file to running sysobjh on the PC. Then the portable file would be input to sysobjh to create the file on the mainframe.

Another use. We create sequential mainframe files with semicolon delimited fields. I have to run some JCL to take the mainframe file to a shared area so I can pick it up as a txt file. This is then opened by excel using the semicolon delimiters. How much easier it would be to simply click and drag a mainframe file to a PC. The default would probably be to deliver it as a txt file.

But, I am dreaming. Back to the real world.


No, you aren’t dreaming at all, this is possible with NFS shares on the mainframe :wink: