Backup Centrasite

Is there an easy way to backup all the custom content created in centrasite so that we can backup, as well as move into other environments?

Hi Scott,
for such a Use Case, one could use the Export/Import functionality which also works across platforms. For your own ObjectType you can export it including all instances. Otherwise, you can define packages that can export group of objects of different kinds.

Thanks Gerald.

Is there a quick reference to how one would go about doing an export? I don’t see it anywhere in the Admin section of the web app (we’re using Centrasite GE).

Hi Scott,

there is a section about backup and restore in the CentraSite GE Administrators Guide document (Appendix A). For migrating content between 2 different versions there is also the facility using the product-config tool with export/import commands. If moving content between the same version you could also use the product-config with bulkexporter command. This is described in the installation/configuration guide chapter 5.


Thanks Daniel,

I’ve tried the export-registry command, and I got an error:

Kindly make sure that you are pointing to a valid X-Registry 6.6 instance.

I’ve looked into it a bit, and am getting this error because there is a missing jar file:


This file doesn’t seem to be included in the CentraSiteGE7 release.

Any other ideas?