AxisFault: Connection timed out

The following error message reoccurs in the server.log multiple times ( counted them one day and the error was reported 650 times )
2017-03-11 13:35:43 GMT [ISC.0077.9998E] Exception → org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Connection timed out

IS server Version

The error starts after a FTP connection failure but even if the FTP connection is restored, the axis error still occurs.

2017-03-11 12:25:45 GMT [ISS.0137.0018E] Scheduler: Exception while invoking ‘…pub:getFiles’: FTP read system error system::91001::[ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server: Connection timed out

Can someone advise what could generate this error loop?

Hello Codrin,

Can you add below property in your extended setting and restart the IS ?

See if it fix the issue. if not than increase the server logging of “com.wm.util” to trace and share the log.