AW: Mountain Lion, XCode 4.4 & Mobile Designer

Hi Ian,

thanks for this handy hint … it works for me too.

What is the best way to define the env variable persistently? At the
moment I am re-running the "launchctl setenv" command each time I boot
my MacBook. I tried by creating the file $HOME/.launchd.conf containing
a singe line "setenv MMOBILE_DESIGNER …" but that didn’t work.

Any clues?



Hi Peter,

To set up a persistent environment variable for use in terminal
sessions, I think you can do the following:
Open a terminal window
type ‘sudo nano /etc/launchd.conf’
add ‘setenv MOBILE_DESIGNER /wMMobileDesigner’
press ctl-o
press enter
press ctl-x

After a restart you should still have the environment variable set.

One thing that this might affect, however, is an Eclipse environment.
With Mountain Lion apps don’t pull their environment variables from the
same place, by default, so you might have to tweak a few things with
your Eclipse setup. However, if you launch apps using open -a ${app} I
think it might work as a quick hack.