Automatic Log Purging

I need to setup automatic purging of logs in System Management Hub. I have configured as shown in the attached screenshot. The requirement is to delete log entries older than 15 days, and this is to be a sheduled purging job and not manual purging.

  1. Is this possible ?
  2. If yes, is the configuration in the screenshot correct ? I am wondering if SMH has intelligence to automatically delete logs older than Jul-3 when run tomorrow and logs older than Jul-4 when run day after tomorrow.

I am using CentraSite v8.2.2

Screenshot.docx (24.9 KB)

You will also need to update D:\SoftwareAG\CentraSite\logpurging\resources\ to specify the number of days to retain:

##partial commit enabled/disabled

##policy log threshold

##approval log threshold

##events threshold

##metrics log threshold

No of days before the current day for which the data will not be included in the purging,

in case of Export Log Entries & Delete Log Entries (i.e. No date criteria specified).

2012-01-11 monthly purge to purge data older than 5 weeks (35 days)