Automated Login Will Not Enter Credentials-Prompts Error

I’m encountering an error when trying to automate the login process for Kronos. I’m able to get to the site, but it stops short of entering in my credentials.

Have looked thru old code that I have for reference, and tried to find a solution on Stack but have been unable to. I Referenced MS HTML Object Library, MS Internet Controls, & WebServices 1.0 Type Library.

Sub LoginToKronos()

Const cURL = “
Const cUserID = “
Const cPassword = “Password123”

Dim IE As InternetExplorer
Dim doc As HTMLDocument
Dim LoginForm As HTMLFormElement
Dim UsernameInputBox As HTMLInputElement
Dim SubmitButton As HTMLInputButtonElement
Dim PasswordInputBox As HTMLInputElement
Dim LogOnButton As HTMLInputButtonElement

Set IE = New InternetExplorer

IE.Visible = True
IE.navigate cURL

'Wait for initial page to load

Do While IE.readyState <> READYSTATE_COMPLETE Or IE.Busy: DoEvents: Loop

Set doc = IE.document

'Get the only form on the page

Set LoginForm = doc.forms(0)

'Get the Username textbox and populate it
'input name=“loginfmt” id=“i0116” value=“” class=“form-control ltr_override” type=“email”

Set UsernameInputBox = doc.getElementById(“i0116”)
UsernameInputBox.Value = cUserID

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