Automate Comparison check for Products & Fixes via Command Central


A general question on Command Central usage, is there a way to automate(schedule) performing comparison checks for Products & fixes then send report by email ?

Thanks in advance.

As per my knowledge, off the shelf (on CC 910) there is no provision on CC to schedule and send reports via email. However you can select a minimum of two or a maximum of five installations for comparing products/fixes and this will show you the report but you can download it manually as an .html

Let see what the product owner and others comment.

Thanks M@he$h for you response on this topic.

I have searched through the product documentation, but don’t see such reference, I read through 9.8 , 9.10 docs not yet reviewed.


As mentioned, you cannot schedule these things in Command Central itself. But the comparison can be run from the command line or via a REST API call, and the output can be structured as plain text, XML or JSON, so you could easily schedule it to run using an OS scheduler, or from an IS and then process the results programmatically and/or send an email.
Details of the CLI/REST API are in the Command Central help documentation.

Thanks Jonathan.

We are also on the same lines of thinking for automated reports via command line using OS schedule job, however REST API is helpful in creating client to invoke from a run-time engine/server.

Thanks for your suggestion.