Auto Number Field

Morning. An AgileApps client wants a field that will generate and display a system-assigned sequential number. An Auto Number field type has been created that displays the year (17) and automatically adds a sequential number for each new case. I want to know how to format the field so that the sequencing of the numbers start over with ‘0001’ at the start of each new year. Right now the field displays 170149. On January 1, 2018, I want the field to display as 180001; January 1, 2019, as 190001, and so on. I can get the year value ‘17’ to change to ‘18’ and then change to ‘19’ at the start of each year, but don’t know how to get the numbering, 0001, to start over. In other words, if the last number assigned this year on 12/31/2017 is 170843, then on January 1, 2018, I want the number to display as 180001, not 180844. The format being used in the Auto Number field is YY{0000}

Any ideas on how to achieve this or whether or not it can be done in AgileApps? Thanks.

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