Authorization error page

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I have set access permissions on CAF pages. With this, user’s having access to pages are able to successfully view the pages. The other users are getting a message ‘[POP.007.0077] You are not authorized to view the resource’ on a very basic html page. However, I would like to redirect them to a page that displays not only this error message, but also other information such as - whom to contact to get access and so on. Can you please advise how can this be achieved?

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It is displaying the “Administrative Folders > Portal Error Page” page to show the error, so you can add your additional content to that that page.


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Instead of keeping custom content in this pre-built error page, can the application route to a new custom page on authorization error?

We have many web applications deployed in MWS server and we would like to see a different page based on the application that user tried login to.

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Not really in the current implementation.

If there are areas that you or a customer would like to be improved in documentation or functionality, then you can make a proposal in brainstorm @ for consideration in a future release.