Authentication issue.

Hi Folks,

We are using webMethod 6.5 IS and we are having an LDAP access issue for one of the user. Although I can see he is added in the access list but still we are getting the error. I increased the detailed logging=6 in one of the IS and got this error:

2009-01-14 08:42:38 PST [ISS.0002.0034E] Invalid credentials connecting to ldap:///dc=,dc=,dc=****,dc =**** as CN=,CN= ,DC=**** ,
DC=**** ,DC=**** ,DC=****

2009-01-14 08:42:38 PST [ISS.0002.0011V1] Bind failed for user CN=**** ,CN=**** ,DC=**** ,DC=**** ,DC=**** ,DC=****

2009-01-14 08:42:47 PST [ISU.0000.9998I] Exception --> com.webmethods.caf.wsclient.WSClientException: Exception occurred while invoking webservice: IS URL. Details: com.webmethods.portal.bizPolicy.BizException: [POP.003.0141] Invalid username or crede
ntials for: “username”.: com.webmethods.portal.bizPolicy.BizException: [POP.003.0141] Invalid username or credentials for: “username”.

2009-01-14 08:42:48 PST [ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user usrname on port **** -> ‘’ from ...***.

Can anyone help me out on this. Not able to troubleshoot further :confused:

Thanks & Regards

I think this is the key:

the ldap is not reachable from IS, can you check if your connection to ldap is functioning (with right use/pass).


Thanks for the response.

I checked and We are able to connect to LDAP server from IS.

Also at the same time we are able to login but getting failed for one of the user.



Found the solution long back but posting it now… :uhoh:

resolution found that LDAP password for the user contains : (colon) which is not recognized by wM 6.5.

User changed the password and now he is able to login.