Authentication in WM 6.1 without pop up window

I have a DSP page that contains a link to an another dsp page which is located in a different IS. When i click the link a popup window appears asking for user name and password. Is there a way to pass username and password so that the pop up window does not apper.

I have tried the following

  1. Through URL – Now no longer supported by IE
  2. Through xmlrequest object in javascript – works fine with IE but not with other browsers
    3 Form based authentication using jsp – Could not make it work. Can somebody give me the steps required to achieve form based authetication.

If there is any other way please let me know


Protect the dsp that your are calling with an Anonymous ACL (.access)->Security wise not recommended.

Why not do a remote invkoe call to the other server to a flow that selects your needed data and display it on your dsp page?


I cannot set Anonymous ACL since it’s a security issue.

The requirement is for a dsp page to have a link to an another dsp page located in a reomte machine. So remote invoke may not be helpful.