Authenticating SMTP Server


I had a requirement where the IS server need to be authenticated by SMTP server for sending messages, but I did not find a way in the built in smtp service.

Is’nt authenticating the SMTP server a common thing now a days to send mail. Why would you have such a basic facility left out, or am I missing something here.


No it is not all that common although some email admins use it as a way to combat spam. I am not surprised it is not in the provided client. Most admins use anti-relay filters and spam blocking devices/filters instead of authenticated smtp. Lot’s of admin time associated with it.

So you are probably not going to be able to use webMethods built-in client. You can interact with smtp from telnet(although I’m not sure how you would call that from webMethods), probably the best bet is to use the java mail interface which supports authenticated smtp.



IS_6-1_Fix28 adds authentication to pub.client:smtp in IS 6.1.

Or you could just install the patch Sander is talking about.



Thats good news man.

Mark Thanks for the details.

Excellent work guys