Audit Log Settings

Hello Everyone :slight_smile: ,
I’m working in webMethods 4.6. I come across a problem related to Audit Log entries. Before executing my flow service I had set Audit Level=brief and Level Of Logging=4 in Integration Server. But, couldn’t get any entries in Audit Log. I’ve tried to figure out the possible configuration setting that perhaps could bring the desired entries in Audit Log. But those were of no relevance.
I will appreciate if some can guide me through the problem.

I have just a suggestion for you. Our service provider recommended to us not to use the audit log. We turned it off in the Extended settings (watt.server.auditLog=off) And our experince for productive systems was to use Log-level 2. It is sufficient.

Thanks for the quick reply. But, we need to keep track of the following:
a. At what time service execution begin.
b. How long the service took to complete it’s execution.
c. At what time the execution ended.

If we set watt.server.auditLog=off then is there any other way around to achive the above goals.