Attribute extraction - Can pipeline values be used?

I’m receiving an XML document from a partner via FTP. The document contains values for the DocumentID and ReceiverID but not for SenderID. I requested that the partner add an element containing the sender. I was told I would need to parse the file name to get it. I can create a wrapper for that can do this and set the value in the TN_Parms document prior to submitting to TN, but this only seems to be used in document identification. Can a similar procedure be used to extract an attribute? I experimented with creating a custom transformation service, hoping that I might still have access to my previously created pipeline values, but it appears that the scope of the service is confined to the variables identified in the required specification.

I know I can effectively “hard-code” the value by simply setting it in the transformation service. I could also have my wrapper service insert the value it parses out into the XML document before submission, but I’m reluctant to alter the content of an externally submitted document. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks,


You could place the received document (the “payload”) into your own envelope. In the envelope you can define/set any fields you want. Then use this in the TN doc types and rules instead of the payload.

Thanks for the suggestion, Rob. I just finished setting this up and it works well. I think I lost the forest for the trees trying to make TN do something it wasn’t suited for. Thanks again,