I am looking to any one out there that made ATC/ATE 4.1.1 work on a multi-processor machine (on a windows platform).

I would appreciate any experience and feedback in particular from those who have it on production (any problems encountred, etc). My understanding is that JDK 1.2.2_011 and forward does support MULTI-PROCESSORS and therefore ATC/ATE does work.

any feedback???

thanks in advance.


We are using ATC v4.1 on dual processor and quad processor systems. The default JDK v1.2 did not work for us on any system with more than one processor. Adapter Configuration was very unstable and the system generated many Dr. Watson messages. We changed to the IBM JDK v1.3 and the systems are now quite stable. We have made the IBM JDK v1.3 the standard for any system with more than one processor and that has worked well for us.

Thanks for your reply. It seems that it works than. We are currently migrating from ATC 1.1 to ATC 4.1.1 on a dual processor machine ans we are facing some problems that I don’t think are related to the multi-processor environement.
It seems that there are some differences in the implementation between 1.1 and 4.1.

Have you moved from version 1.1 to 4.1 or you started with 4.1?

I am looking to any experience/problems encountered during any previous experience.

Thanks in advance.