Async Command with Client side validation

A little question regarding Designer 7.1.2.
a) I have a table. I want to display some data based on the row selected in the table.
b) Some of the fields shown when a row is selected by table are required. Thus, I have to set the “Required” and “Use Client-Side Validation” of the input fields.
c) I have to use a “Custom Script” to invoke an async Command. The command itself invokes an action. Custom Script is invoked as the row selection changes on the table.
d) The problem is when the async command is invoked client-side validation kicks in. I don’t want it to kick in at that time. I want it to work when I press another command button to submit the form. :sad:

Any idea how to resolve it.

Just for reproducing the issue I am attaching a simple project reproducing the issue in a simple way.

Click inside the input field and see what I am saying.
I don’t want validation to kick in when input text field is clicked. I only want it to kick in when Submit is clicked. (12.9 KB)

Set the inmediate property of the async command to true. That should skip the validations.

Awesome. That works like a charm.
However, there is a tiny point that I failed to mention earlier.

The required fields are inside a hideable panel that is to be showed and refreshed.

Apparently at that point as well the validation kicks in, which I don’t want. :confused:

Updated sample project is attached. (13.1 KB)

I don’t get the problem? Are the validations still appearing with the immediate property on true on a hidden panel?

Hideable panels have a property called “Disabled when Hidden” that disabled all the controls/validation when are hidden inside the panel.