assigning users to access one or specified environment


I would to configure Command Central users constrained to only one of available environments.
Now I have 4 environments (DEV, TEST, PREPROD and PROD). I would like to create groups for DEV and TEST and give users from development and from test to use only those environments respectively, and to make them view only or hide from them completley other env’s.
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Hi Marcin,
Please find below the pointers for users and permission management in CC:

The permissions you set up for a Command Central apply across the entire landscape managed by that Command Central, which means that a user or group has the same permissions for all environments managed by that Command Central. If you want a user or group to have different permissions for different environments, install a Command Central to manage each environment.

I hope this info will be of help.

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Many thanks for information Meenu. THat’s a great pitty and inconvenience for not having any possibility to limit the access for users/group on environment level.
Having reuirement to have one CC to administer whole landscape and one CC per environment with not super intuitive permission management is a thing that creates a possibility of problems for stability and integrity of environment.
I hope that CC instance doesn’t need additional license?

Based on my knowledge whole idea behind CC is to administer and install products with minimal data in a hassle free way in a short duration.also maintain it at one place regardless of different host/env. permission handling is done at CC admin level rather at environment level.

Yes, CC instance doesn’t need additional license.

If you feel your use case is useful in implementing you can raise brainstorming request through empower.