Assigning ACL to Child Service

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This is regarding setting an ACL for a Child Service.
I have a flow service that is being invoked from DSP.
This flow service is used to display and update the data.
To Perform these actions (display and update), it invokes two other child services. I want to assign ACL for one of the child services that updates the data. I have set the Execute ACL to ‘Administrator’ and Enforce Execute ACL to ‘Always’.
When a user having insufficient privilages tries to update, then it is not prompting for credentials(however the data is not updated).
Could anyone please suggest how can we prompt for credentials while this update service is called from the parent service?

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Child service: execute acl to ‘Administrators’. Enforce ‘Always’
Parent service: Enforce ‘Always’


Hi Guna,

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I tried setting the properties as you mentioned but still it is not prompting for username and password.


I think the server recognizes the fact that you already have a session (started when they open the dsp?). If you try to invoke a service for which this user has nsufficient rights while this session is still valid, wM does not request credentials again (it already knows who you are), but instead detects that the user does not have the right to invoke the service and does not allow you to call this service from your session. The resolution would be to make sure the user that logs in initially has enough rights to perform all needed actions.

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