Assign tasks by "parametric" groups


I am trying to do some parametric assignment to the tasks of my process. For example:

I have a task called “Fill Form”. This task must be performed by the Analysts, so I created a group called “Analysts”.
So far, so good.

But then, I need to assign that task based on a region, so I want to create a “parametric” group. The Analysts from the west see some instances, and the Analysts from the east see others.

I do not want to create many groups (Analyst_west, Analyst_east) but just one (Analyst) and assign the task based on some kind of parameter indicating the region of the group.

How can I achieve this functionality?

Thanks in advance.

Creating many groups often ends up being the best answer, as then it’s configurable by admins rather than only developers.

If you don’t want to use a group, how will the system know which user is east and which is west?

we solved it!! :D… what we did was make roles with parameters, then we assign one task to that role but with the condition (role, parameter) = (user, role, parameter)… finally we add the role for the user1, user 2 and set the values to te parameters (east, west) :wink: