Assign Pipeline value to label in Sequence step


I am trying to create a generic Header\Trailer check flow but cannot assign the labels of the sequence step to a value from the pipeline?

Any ideas?


Hi Rudster,

Try using %varaibleName%, for substituting the value of the pipeline variable.


I’ve tried that first but unfortunately that does not work if you put it in the label field of the sequence step, can’t understand why not but it doesn’t.


Can you make the requirement clear as there wont be any need for runtime variables in Labels.


What I was asked to do is develop generic ftp flows that the rest of the developers can use in their integrations. For the header\trailer check flow I need to give the flow input variables of header, trailer, header pattern, trailer pattern. I’ve got two sequence fields below the branch where I check the header but need to set the label field of the sequence step equal to the header pattern field in the pipeline. It works fine if I hardcode the label field but unfortunately not all header fields will be the same. I can ask them to change this value but then everyone will have to create his own flow because it will not be generic. Hope this clear things up a bit.


Seems like you need to use a branch where you set the evaluate labels to true.

So you have the following:

— branch (check header values)

In the label field of each flow or map where you can “evaluate” the data in the pipeline, you copy and paste the pipeline item. If you are in a record with many levels of child nodes, the pasted value will be really long. Then, you can create a formula. In the above example I am specifying that the value is either 1, 2 or 3.

You can also check ranges or exclusions like:


and you can perform multiples like:

%headerValue%==null || %headerValue%==’’

The last one is empty string.

This is quite a bit of this in the developer manual, but it helps to see this in someone else’s code. There is a fair bit of really good shareware/freeware code here on wmusers that you can download and see exactly how this can work for you.

Hope it helps.


The last post stripped my operators, so here’s the one section that is missing details:

You can also check ranges or exclusions like:


I’ll try this,

thanks Ray.

Enjoy your weekend!


Hi Rudi,

Give an input to your service and then check for the following conditions.
%headerValue%==%inputValue% or
%headerValue%!=%inputValue% etc.,
so that who ever is using your service needs to supply the input , and your service will be alotogether generic.