Assign default dsp page to a port

Hey experts,

I want to understand how can we assign a default dsp page residing in a package to a port()Non dfault custom http regular port) ?

Like say for example when i try to open the Integration Server with a non - primary regular port it should display my custom dsp page instead of wmroot/index.dsp

Is there some configuration which needs to be done?

Arun Chollety.

anyone please?


Create a port and assign package to it . Every pacakge has default dsp page , you should be able to access the default page through the custom port


Hey Shahed,

Thanks for the response.

I tried doing that already but there seems no luck.

Here is what i did

  1. Created custom http port
  2. Assigned my package to the custom port where the dsp exists
  3. Renamed my home.dsp page to CustomPackage/index.dsp
  4. Hit the url http://:
  5. Reloaded the package

Still didn’t work. Did i miss anything

Please suggest

Arun Chollety.


It seems to be not possible as per the SAG documentation.

Below is the statement in SAG document.

Note: Unlike a service, access to a DSP cannot be restricted to a particular port. Thus you do not specify port-level controls for a DSP.

Thanks for taking time and sharing us this information. :slight_smile: