Restricting User access to a DSP page.

Hello ,

We have created a custom DSP page , and need to restrict access to this DSP page to certain non-webMethods users.
e.g. User should have access to localhost:5555/MyDSP/abc.dsp page. however if he wants to login to IS admin page localhost:5555 he should get access denied error as they are non WM users.

All user information is stored in central LDAP directory.

Steps taken:

  1. Defined a role in MWS to which users were added from central LDAP directory.
  2. Defined an ACL . Added the role to that ACL (along with the existing IS Administrators).
    3.Updated the .access file in pub folder of the package in which DSP resides.

Step in .access file : abc.dsp ACL

  1. updated the services which DSP invokes with same ACL , however it is not working , the access became restricted however the addition or deletion of user in role doesn’t seem to affect the access.

Any step i am missing . please help.

Have you tried to reload the package?

.access file only require acl names, not page names. one .access file will work on all dsp pages inside same directory.