AS400 Data Queue

Hi All,

I have a problem when write to AS400 data queue. I have defined 10 fields in recordmetadata with different data type name and length. when I write to AS400 request queue, I passed in 10 fields with input value below but the backend only  received 8 fields input  value. the 2 as shown below are receive as blank. Any one familiar on AS400 Data queue  data structure and know where is the possible causes? please advice. Thanks

Fields EAI Input Value Request queue status
00001/1999/0000724 - queue received
AFCPNOB 00001/1999/0000724 - queue received
SPSEQ3 0 - queue received
SPPREM EAI20 - queue received
SPPLD8 10022011 - queue received
SPAMTS D - queue log shown blank
100000 - queue log shown blank
CURTYP MYR - queue received