AS2-To: and AS2-From: Headers missing in the HTTP Header

Hi All,

I’m setting up AS2 exchange between the IS and our partner. However, the partner is receiving the transmission without the AS2 headers in the HTTP header.

The versions: IS 7.1.2, TN 7.1.2, EDI 6.5.2, EDIINT 6.5.2

I’ve done according to the 6-5-2_EDIINT_Module_Users_Guide.pdf:

  • set up the sender TN Profile (loaded the certs, set up the priv key, set up the Extended Fields, set the “EDIINT AS2” External ID to match the AS2 ID);
  • set up the same for the receiver;
  • defined the Delivery Mode to Primary HTTPS;

The partner is receiving the transmission, meaning that the communication is being established. However, the HTTP header is not okay.

I’ve found a thread about AS2 headers missing from the MDN headers ([url] - not sure if that has any relationship with this.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

make sure your outbound delivery service is wm.EDIINT:send, it will create the ENIINT envelope and put into the delivery service (wm.EDIINT.rules:sendMsg). If you are missing AS2 header, then EDIINT envelope is not constructed properly.


Thanks for the reply.

I assumed (wrongly btw) that configuring “deliver document by” the “receiver’s preferred protocol” was enough to have the AS2 headers in the HTTP header.

I built a wrapper around the wm.EDIINT:send service, registered it as a delivery service and the set the processing rule’s delivery to be immediate delivered by the new delivery service.

Thanks for pointing the right direction.