AS2 Partner Cannot Process MDN Due To HTML Embedded

wM 8.2 EDIINT module - We are receiving EDIINT w/synch MDN request from trading partner. The corresponding MDN is returned to the partner, but their system (T5 Templar) is unable to reconcile the MDN to the original EDIINT doc. It appears to be due to HTML content (see excerpt below) that is added (by wM?) when the MDN is sent.

Has anyone knowledge of this issue? Thanks for your help!


Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Content-Length: 46268

InSituEnabled false

FYI. We resolved this issue by setting watt.server.http.useAcceptHeader=false. I think a wM fix is forthcoming to allow this to be further defined to differentiate between AS2 HTTP posts and others.

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Thanks, tillmanm for this valuable update: