AS2 MDN issue


We transact with a customer using AS2 over https protocol. We have a setup comprising of 2 RI servers load balanced and 2 load balanced Internal ISes with TN.
We have configured the customer to be sent async SIGNED MDN. The AS2 inbound messages reach fine. However, the MDN sent out is of multipart/report type and not multipart/signed.

Could anybody provide any pointers into the cause for this issue.
Please note that we have defined the Customer’s key in the partner’s profile’s security tab.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rohit,

Did you Installed Enterprise Private Key in the Enterprise profile. check your TN Enterprise Profiles settings again.



Thanks for the response. We have defined the certificate chain and the private key setup in the enterprise profile’s security tabs for default.

Is there anything else that I need to look for.
Thanks in advance.


Check with your Partners they Installed your private key correctly. could you elaborate me what error you are getting.


Hi, I have an opposite scenario. My partner and I both request for synchronous unsigned MDN but our servers sent out signed MDN. My setting in Partner profile as below:

S/MIME Type : plain
Security tab: previously set up a signing cert but has been removed for testing.

below is my setting in wm.EDIINT:send

Type: getfromProfile
compressed: false
deliveryMethod: Primary HTTPS
requestMDN: Synchronous
requestSignedReceipt: false

Please help. thanks.

Since you removed the previous signed certs,did you tried restarting IS/TN or reloading WmTN package??

This setting shoudl have taken care requestSignedReceipt: false

Try to restart IS and test again to see if the issue still persists…


You shouldn’t give your private key out to anyone, especially trading partners.
You should be giving your trading partners a public key, or public cert. Never a private key.

HI brettp,

your correct! it is typo.