AS2 inbound data is not coming as expected to the custom receive service over http

We are migrating current application from webMethods 7.1.2 to webMethods 9.7.
We have one custom service where customer is sending the AS2 data as stream and that data has to route to Trading networks for further processing. But in this custom service we are converting the input stream to sting to archive the data, while converting it from stream to sting, its getting error because nothing is there in stream.

This functionality is working perfectly in 7.1.2 environment, but in 9.7 version service is not receiving it as stream. We see ‘No Content’ log in the server log while converting steam to string.

Can someone please advise on this.

Akbar Baig

Is the AS2 message signed/encrypted/compressed?
Do you see any error related to decryption/verification/decompression?
If these steps failed, it won’t give you a stream for further processing.