as2 error

Hello everyone,

I am trying to send a AS2 outbound transaction to a trading partner. All the firewall rules and all certs are in place. But we are getting an error

“ Connection closed by remote host”. Does anyone has any idea why this error is getting?

i have reached out to TP and they say their system is up and active and accepting transactions.


These kind of errors normally you would need to closely work with your network team/TP side folks to resolve it quickly…But based on the error above it indicates remote server/host is not accepting any of your requests (inbound to TP)…Definetely some thing related to firewall/https certs issue troubleshooting needed:

It’s tough call to say exactly whats going on with in your network layers etc…or some protocol fixes needed:

Please check these articles also If it helps:


Even if the target server is up and running it may not be reachable from your network. From the unix box (of the TN/IS) do a

telnet host port
or ask your system admin do make sure the connectivity is fine. As RMG suggested, you should pull the firewall/network team in. All the best


Thanks Guan for bringing up few more pointers on board: