AS2 communications

I’ve been working with webMethods on communication via AS2 and EDIINT.
I have AS1 working, but I just can’t get our customers the ability to send data via the internet over an http or https port on our machine. I’m not sure if this is a firewall issue or certificate issue, I’ve received the following message from one of our customer when trying to invoke a service.

Messages Sending Http error. Error sending file to [url=“http://”][/url]: [ErrHttpBadResp] The server could not fulfill the request: ‘HTTP/1.0 403 [B2BSERV.0084.9101] Access Denied’.

I have the wm.EDIINT/receive set up in the system as anonymous and wouldn’t expect the customer to supply a user name and password.

On top of that, the customer’s system doesn’t really have the ability to supply a user name and password. I also thought that certificates would authenticate who the partner was when the EDI data was received and the sender/receiver information was compared in Trading Networks.

Our network administrator has assured me that the IP address that the customer is sending from has been resolved in our system and points to the machine with my IS server. He has also told me that all the ports that we are currently using have been opened up to all customers for sending EDI data.

Does anybody have any suggestion on why we are unable to get this service fire off in our system from an outside user.

Need some help. Thanks.