ART1174036 Adapter Runtime error on Flow service

I’ve developed a Flow service that reads and does inserts or updates to an SQL database using JDBC adapter. I can step through the service and it works fine, but cannot just run it, I’m getting this error: [ART.117.4036] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to rollback transaction. Transaction state:Transaction is rolled back.

The JDBC adapter is setup as LOCAL_TRANSACTION, login sa.
Any ideas?


Are you using transaction in your flow? If you are stepping through you can’t run the transaction as wM uses different thread while stepping through. That’s the reason you are getting this error. Run in a single go and you should not get this error.


Thanks Pankaj. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘using transaction’, can you explain? And the opposite is true with me - running in a single go causes the error but I can step through successfully.


Hello Bonnie,

Follow this link. I had the same problem and you can find some suggestions here. I had to reinstall my integration server for some other purpose, which in turn solved this problem.