[ART.118.5013] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to find connection

I am getting the following exception when i try to invoke the JDBC adapter service.I re enabled the connection and also reloaded the WmJDBC package and the User defined package where i have the connection.I am not able to figure out why is it happening.Do i need to restart the server?Please help…

Tried all the options but finally had to bounce back the server…the one stop solution to all webMethods major production issues

Check if you are missing any Driver upgrades for the Database on your IS.

Just a thought.

Thanks vkram,
Do you how can i know the Driver upgrades already installed and the new ones which i need to install?Any thoughts?


I’m not sure if you have investigated the forums for Adapter Runtime errors, but a possible solution is to use the WmART package to reload your adapter before you perform any JDBC transactions.

What i mean by this is to do something like this:

  • Try/catch block
  • run basic sql (select sysdate from dual)
  • if success, then adapter is fine
  • else catch block
  • reload adapter state and run query again