Ariba PunchOutOrderMessage transaction


When a supplier posts an Ariba cXML PunchOutOrderMessage via https to Ariba Supplier Network(ASN), what is the format of the response back from ASN to the post. I did not find anything in the documentation and currently i do not have access to ASN test system to test it.

Also what is the ASN URL to post to?

Is the response going to be similar like the OrderResponse which is as below:

<cXML timestamp=“2001-01-08T10:47:01-08:00” payloadID=“978979621537–

The reason i am confused is in the cXML user guide it says that PunchOutOrderMessage is a one way transaction?


Hi Sudeer

Please tell me where could I get the Ariba latest software and how to install them.

Thanks In Advance,


Hi Rajeswari,

You can download the Ariba Supplier onRamp Adapter from the webMethods advantage site depending on you account permissions. An installation document is also present which walks you through the installation. If you are using webMethods 6.1, i think you have to install TNS_6-1_Fix15 and IS_6-1_SP1