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we are trying to integrate Webemthods with Ariba and I found tere is a add on called Ariba OnRamp , but I cold not find any official document on what this add-on supports and its limitations. can someone please send me the link for official documentation of this Ariba OnRamp feature.

Hi Naresh,

If you have a valid Empower account or techcommunity VIP account, you may access the official documentation under the following link:

The documentation will not explain to you about the limitation etc. I suggest if you’re interest, kindly reach out to account manager for your company to ask for the documentation.

What is webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp?
webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp, used in conjunction with webMethods Integration
Server, enables a non-cXML-compliant supplier organization to create systems that
support cXML punchout and ordering transactions with buyers who use the Ariba
Supplier Network (Ariba SN).
Ariba Supplier OnRamp enables you to quickly implement a PunchOut-enabled web site
to handle order transactions. It provides a framework that can be extended to build
business logic to process punchout and order transactions. It is also capable of using
webMethods Trading Networks, which further enhances the document processing
capabilities based on document processing rules. For a detailed description of Trading
Networks, see the webMethods Trading Networks Concepts Guide.

What does Ariba Supplier OnRamp Provide?
Ariba Supplier OnRamp provides a basic mechanism to process each XML request type
received by Ariba SN. The basic framework receives and decodes cXML requests from
Ariba SN and executes “handlers” that you create for each of the cXML document types
to implement the punchout process or order processing.

webMethods Trading Networks Support
Ariba Supplier OnRamp can interact with Trading Networks, enabling you to define
sophisticated rules that dictate how cXML requests should be processed when handlers
are invoked. A rule can include document-based criteria such as the sender, receiver, or
the value of a document attribute. For example, you can define document processing
rules to invoke custom OrderRequest handler services to process OrderRequests for specific

Logging Support
When you use Ariba Supplier OnRamp with Trading Networks, Ariba Supplier OnRamp
utilizes the built-in logging facility of Trading Networks.
When used without Trading Networks, Ariba Supplier OnRamp provides a built-in
logging mechanism to store informational and error messages about cXML request
processing. Ariba Supplier OnRamp also uses this mechanism to store information when
it receives cXML requests and sends responses.
A common set of API enables you to add informational and error entries to the log while
you process the cXML messages, regardless of whether you use Trading Networks.

Document Storage Support
When you use Ariba Supplier OnRamp with Trading Networks, Ariba Supplier OnRamp
utilizes the built-in document storage facility of Trading Networks to store OrderRequest
When used without Trading Networks, Ariba Supplier OnRamp provides a built-in
document storage facility to store OrderRequest messages.

Message Testing Support
Ariba Supplier OnRamp provides a testing facility to create and send cXML 1.2 requests
to the Ariba Supplier OnRamp document processing service to test your punchout and
order processing implementation.
For more information about testing your implementations, see Chapter 7, “Using the Test Module”.

Transaction Authentication
Ariba Supplier OnRamp allows suppliers to specify a digital signature. Each cXML
document is checked for authenticity by verifying the digital signature specified in the
Sender Credentials of the document.

Ariba Supplier OnRamp Packages
Ariba Supplier OnRamp contains several packages (sets of webMethods services and
related files) that you install on webMethods Integration Server. The following table
describes the contents of each package.
Package Includes…

Core services to support cXML punchout.

cXML 1.2 DTDs, cXML 1.2 properties, and list of records used
in Ariba Supplier OnRamp and utility services. (cXML 1.2
includes support for cXML 1.1.)

Utility services that are used by Ariba Supplier OnRamp and
suppliers for document processing. For more information about
this package, see Appendix E on page 213.

Sample services that provide examples on how buyers place
orders online and what documents are generated at each step of
the buying process and sent to the supplier. For more
information about this package, see Appendix A on page 125.

HI Mike,
thanks for the link. Do we have any Ariba packages that can be used by buyers similar to supplier onRamp. What I mean is, the onRamp package talks about supplier recieving POs from buyers and they posting invoices. In a similar way, if buyer uses webemethods to post POs and receive invoices posted by supplier, does webMethods have any package for that integration