argbatch gui

Did you ever wanted to stop or start your Tamino database in a more convenient way then using Tamino Manager or argbatch.exe.

I created a small GUI around argbatch.exe. When you start this application then it will settle itself on your icon tray.

If you open the dialog you can perform some (limited) set of argbatch commands. The most importants are of course starting and stopping your database. That’s why I introduced those familiar traffic lights just as it used by Tamino Manager.

There is one thing though … I have written the application on the .NET framework. So you need to have the .NET framework installed on your machine. You can download the redistributable from Microsoft from

Unzip the zip file in any directory and put the shortcut (argbatch gui) on any place you like (e.g. on your desktop) and click on the shortcut to start this application…

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Rudolf (75.8 KB)

Probably you need to change the shortcut. It points to start.bat.


If your SAG_COMMON directory is located on a different location then “C:\Program Files
\Common Files\Software AG” this utility won’t work (this is entirely my fault :frowning: ).

My colleague, Jan Versnel, will solve this problem (and also a few others, e.g. determining the name under which your machine has been registered to Tamino) and as soon as he is finished you will get a new version.

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